The Technion Knowledge Center for Innovation was established in 2008 by Prof. Miriam Erez, Recipient of the Israel Prize. Our mission is to promote Innovation through the development, application and dissemination of knowledge among academia and industry.
TKCI conducts academic research on the topic of innovation on the individual, team, organization and national levels, as well as translational research to promote innovation in organizations based on the "Journey of the Idea" model developed by Prof. Erez.
The Innovation Knowledge Center has developed a guide to innovation for organizations, within the Israeli Standards Institute.

The journey of the idea:
The KCI model for stimulating and managing the innovation process follows the journey of ideas. It is a multi-phase, non-linear process for progressing from the ideation phase to the implementation phase, back to the ideation phase and vice versa.
At each of the stages innovation might be needed in the form of new technology, products, processes, business models or management.
This model serves as a guide for KCI initiatives. All our initiatives aim to change the mindset from a focus on a day-to-day "fire-fighting" to a future orientation, envisioning where the enterprise should be in order to become an industry leader. Our initiatives aim at sharing new knowledge with the organizations, assimilating it and utilizing it in innovative projects.  


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